Swing FX – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint Free Download –
Swing FX – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint
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Swing FX – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint

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Swing FX – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint

Swing FX is a financial education firm centered around helping you elevate your trading career by training you on how to profit off of the shifting fundamentals of the Forex Market.

We don’t just teach how to read and interpret the news in regards to its affect on different currencies. Here’s a list of everything included in our trading course:

Market basics

How to conduct fundamental analysis

How to do technical analysis

Linking the news to the price charts

How to set up trades and manage them

How to manage risk like the pros

How to hedge your trades to limit downside

Mindset Training

How to track your trading

And more

This course offers 15 hours worth of training, teaching exactly to trade like a professional trader.

Training Contents:


  • What to expect from this course and how to get the best results(7:43)START

FX Market Basics

  • Forex Pairs(10:58)START
  • Forex Sessions(6:47)START
  • Pips and Lot Sizes(10:10)START
  • Market Liquidity and Spreads(14:59)START
  • Forex Brokers(12:42)START
  • Why Most Traders Fail(24:48)START

Fundamental Analysis

  • Introduction to Fundamentals(25:58)START
  • What drives the price of a currency?(15:20)START
  • What Forex Pairs are best to trade and why?(11:16)START
  • Where to find real time Forex news and data?(12:08)START
  • How to create a fundamental bias(19:15)START
  • Fundamental Themes(32:14)START
  • Market Efficiency(35:28)START
  • Trading Risk on/ Risk off sentiment(40:14)START
  • Central Banks Part 1(55:51)START
  • Central Banks Part 2(35:13)START
  • Price Action Part 1(20:34)START
  • Price Action Part 2(15:20)START
  • Fundamental Bias Part 2(25:19)START
  • Fundamental Themes Part 2(23:59)START
  • Daily Process(14:34)START

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