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How To Download Premium Course Files

WSO ZONE shares overpriced internet marketing, money-making, SEO and traffic generation, and other related courses and WSOs that are already available or shared on the internet.

How to download the courses?

So here are the steps  on how to download the courses:

1- Purchase the course which you would like to buy and complete the payment process.

2-After payment you ll receive links and password in email and in your wsozone website account.

How to Extract/Unzip the courses?

1: To extract the files you need to install WinRAR software on your Windows PC or Keka software on your Mac.

2: First of all make sure to download all available Zip files/parts provided on the download page.

3: After downloading all of them, keep them in a single folder without changing the name of any files.

4: Then check the Mega Link Section of this course on our website for specific instructions.

But if the upper marked text is not there then select all zip files together, right-click and hit Extract from the drop-down menu.

For the Password of Zip extraction, please check the password given under the links section of the course post.

If you have any problem while downloading or extracting the files, message on [email protected]

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