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Download Issues

Here are the problems I frequently received from emails and comments:

Password For File Exraction: check the password under mega link secrion.

  1. File is corrupted; unexpected end of data, etc. You got this error because the software (7-zip or Keka) can’t find the rest of the zip files. Make sure you downloaded all the zip files and the naming and extension pattern is correct. I frequently received this complaint but when I checked their screenshot, there’s always one or two files missing. 
  2. Data error; wrong password. This is the result of #1. The software can’t find the other files so it prompted you that maybe you entered the wrong password. But this is a false alarm unless you really entered the wrong password.
  3. Can’t open or extract the second zip file, etc. This is normal. You really can’t open the rest of the files except the first zip file because all files are connected to each other and the first file is the head (door or gate).
  4. Virus warning. The files are clean. This warning is directed to the popup ads not the file itself. Just close the popup website and you’re good to go.
  5. 403 Forbidden. You got this error because your internet service provider (ISP) is blocking the website like Zippyshare. You can VPN to solve this problem.
  6. Video is not playing. If the unzipping is completed successfully, please try to use the latest version of VLC player. If you can’t play it with VLC, maybe the file is really corrupted. Sometimes the original buyer who shared the course didn’t download the file properly. I can’t do anything about it because I don’t have access to the original file.
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