Radjah Amine (iEcom) – eCommerce Bootcamp Free Download –
Radjah Amine (iEcom) – eCommerce Bootcamp
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Radjah Amine (iEcom) – eCommerce Bootcamp

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Radjah Amine (iEcom) – eCommerce Bootcamp

What If You Could Start An Online Business?
It’s never been easier for you to become an entrepreneur. To build a business, gain financial freedom and live an independent life where YOU are the boss.
But if that’s the case, why do we hear of so many failures? The truth is, it Is easy to set up an online business. But when you look into the details, it can get terribly confusing.

Knowing which products are the right ones to sell can be puzzling. Marketing might seem a total mystery and all the while, business expenses drain your bank account.
But what if I told you there’s a way you could start a business without your own product?

With the wrong marketing, people don’t see your products or store and they might see your ad but ignore it. Either way, same result: they don’t buy from you and this means you don’t have a business for very long.

That’s why I built iEcom so I can show entrepreneurs like you how to set up your drop shipping business, give you an unbeatable marketing advantage.

iEcom is a case study based course in which I reveal my dropshipping stores – that generated over $100k in one month.
You get to see behind the scenes how I launched this store, ran the ads, and managed all the operations. The goal with this course is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow.

Master Google Traffic

This isn’t your standard program, no. In this program you learn about Google Ads too and how to diversify your business. From learning Google Shopping, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Google Search Campaigns and optimization of them.
No other program goes to this degree to provide you with this much value and information to help you in your journey.

Someone With An Easy To Follow  Mission

iEcom makes it accessible for you to enter the world of online entrepreneurship. Each lesson is packed with practical advice you can understand and use straight away.

Someone Following A Step by Step System

When you join iEcom, you’re investing in a system that’s helping others start their own online business. Easy to follow step by step training videos.

Someone Not Tied Down With Work

Nobody wants to spend 12-14 hours chained to a desk. With iEcom, you won’t have to as much of what you learn is a one time activity or can be automated.

But… Is this training really for you?

Chances are that you have taken a bunch of courses before. Now you want to know whether it’s a good decision to get this training or not. Here’s how the course can help you (proven!):

  • You are spending money on Google Ads all the time, but it seems like you just couldn’t make it work yet (you are losing money)
  • So far you have been focused on other traffic sources (like FB) but you need something else
  • You are doing “ok” with Google Ads, but for some reason you just can’t scale past $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 a day.You are facing issues like not getting any impressions, paying insanely high CPCs (especially on Shopping) and conversions are missing out
  • You finally want a reliable and profitable traffic source where you know that “if you spend $1,000 on ads, you will roughly get $4,000 out” (as an example)

A Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass

  • Creating Your Store | Shopify is a great “store front” technology, but there’s still work to set up your eCommerce store from scratch. You’ll be able to shortcut this process to get your store up and running in a flash. You’ll learn clever hacks to build maximum profit into the store while you’re setting things up.
  • Sourcing Products | In this foundational module, you’ll get over-the-shoulder training that shows you how to pick the exact right products to sell on your store. Finding the right suppliers is a key ingredient to successful drop shipping, so nailing this gets your online business off to a flying start!
  • Google Ads Traffic Explosion! | Take your traffic sources to the next level with Google Ads. You will learn exactly how you can leverage Google Ads to take advantage of low cost advertising and high converting buyers. You will learn how to quickly upload campaigns and start getting sales the same day! Everyone else sells this information in a separate course! You get it all included.
  • Organic Google Traffic | Search engines are a highway of super converting free traffic. In this module you’ll learn my strategy that opens the Google flood gates onto your store! This alone is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. You’ll also discover how you can make this river of revenue a long term, sustainable source for your business.
  • Top Secret | Inside this module you see my top secret videos that have never been seen before online. These videos will give you an unfair advantage in your online journey!

More Reasons to Join

  • More 30 lessons, 4 hours 4k of video content
  • Get access to a very active private support 
  • Lifetime access to this course

And It Come With More $1k In Extra Bonus

  • Free $150 Youtube & Google Ads Credit
  • Two Premium Shopify Store 
  • List of 199 Hot Product
  • Pre-build Sales Funnels Templetes (Clickfunnels) 
  • 5000 Suppliers Lists

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