Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of DFY Client Getting (Template Pack)
Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of DFY Client Getting (Template Pack)
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Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of DFY Client Getting (Template Pack)

Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $9.99.

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Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of DFY Client Getting (Template Pack)

Trade Just 7 Days For A Complete Client-Getting Faucet,
From Start To Finish.
I’ve spent the past year and a half developing the answer to the client-getting faucet struggle.

An answer that will not only help you build the client-getting faucet itself . . .

. . . but that completes all three steps of the ideal freelance business.

It’s a single solution that provides:

1. Your superpower
2. Your client-getting faucet
3. And your packaged knowledge

All in as few as 7 short days, because it’s completely “done-for-you”.
Introducing: 366 Days Of Done-For-You Client Getting
The Complete Client-Getting Faucet “In A Box”
This is NOT a course.

I already teach you how to build client-getting faucets inside The No Pants Project, and some of the other high-level coaching programs I offer.

Instead, this is an entire client-getting faucet PRE-BUILT, that you simply “fill-in-the-blanks” to make your own, and start running ASAP.

This is a TOOLSET for anyone who is ready to start automating their client getting asap.

Actually . . .

. . . it’s 3 complete client-getting faucets, from lighthouse to booked discovery call thank you page, for 3 of the most common freelancing paths I see my students choose:

1. The Copywriter
2. The Content Writer or Content Director
3. The Social Media Ad Writer or Strategist

Which means that if you haven’t found your superpower yet, you can simply choose one of the three provided.

PLUS I specifically designed these client-getting faucet templates and roadmaps to work as templates you can customize for any other service you might offer . . .

. . . so if you already have your superpower figured out and it doesn’t fall into one of these 3 categories, you can still use these “done-for-you” client-getting faucets.

When you purchase 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting today you’ll get:
3 completely pre-built, fill-in-the-blank client getting faucets you can simply plug your own offers into and tweak for your unique personality, to start getting new clients on autopilot in 2020 . . .
3 distinct, pre-written Lighthouse samples and templates (one corresponding to each client-getting faucet “path”) you can use to take the guesswork out of what to offer and start building an audience full of ideal clients fast . . .
FB Ad sets and templates based on some of my highest performing ads and powered by 10+ years of copywriting expertise, so you never need to worry about writing high-converting copy for yourself, or hiring a copywriter to do it for you, if you don’t want to . . .
The very same pre-designed, custom Landing Page templates I use for my clients and my own businesses to maximize opt-ins and build strong, qualified audiences—including strategic copy honed over years of client-getting faucet building . . .
Plug-n-play Lighthouse Download pages, completely pre-designed and matched to each distinct path to ensure your leads get a cohesive, professional experience that builds trust…
Complete DFY Sales Pages you can plug your packaged knowledge into to drive break-even and passive-income sales, written by a veteran copywriter, to help you create real leverage in your business and raise your effective hourly rate fast . . .
DFY Packaged Knowledge Checkout Pages—simply fill-in-the-blanks for the maximum, qualified conversions without the stress . . .
3 completely custom Packaged Knowledge Course Starter Kits, to guide you through creating packaged knowledge products that sell – simply record the content and plug it in to leverage your time and build passive income . . .
Automate new discovery calls with DFY “Book A Discovery Call” Pages and never chase a client again – instead, all you need to do is show up ready to serve and on time to speak with potential clients pre-sold on what you have to offer . . .
Automatically pre-qualify, prepare, and pre-sell your potential clients while building trust with fill-in-the-blank Thank You Pages for after they book a discovery call with you
Miscellaneous templates and DFY copy assets for every part of the client-getting faucet, to ensure your never starting from a blank page or struggling to find the right words . . .
Access to “Shared Funnels” inside Clickfunnels, where you can swipe the exact same, proven client-getting faucet pages I use for myself and my clients and get your faucet turned on as fast as possible . . .
In-depth walkthrough guides for every tech aspect of the client-getting faucet, from start-to-finish, provided by my own personal funnel building team so you never feel lost or overwhelmed by the building process if you want to build your own client-getting faucet . . .
366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting gives you a complete, custom client-getting faucet “in a box” . . .

. . . including your packaged knowledge products.

All you need to do is some simple, step-by-step assembly of the pre-built pieces, and add in your own personal touches.

Once you do, you’ll have everything you need to never chase a single client in 2020 PLUS add a passive income stream to your business . . .

. . . and spend the new year enjoying all the time you’ve taken back for yourself, your family, and your clients.
Only 100 Freelancers Will Get Everything You Need to Get Your Client-Getting Funnel Running In As Few As 7 Days
. . . For Just $495
No fluff.

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