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Kenrick Cleveland – Magical Objection Mastery 3.0
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Kenrick Cleveland – Magical Objection Mastery 3.0

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Kenrick Cleveland – Magical Objection Mastery 3.0

Discover How To Instantly Increase Your Sales, Your Closing Percentage And Your Confidence By Getting Our Series On How to Eliminate objections With Ease..

(Wouldn’t You Like The Power To Nuke Every objection?)

Yes! You may have met a natural persuader and marveled at their ability to blast away objections. But how surprised would you be to learn that by using and practicing a specific set of skills, you can easily become even more persuasive than them?

You’ve been there before. You get to THAT point when you ask for the sale and the objections come rolling out:

>I want to think it over…
>I can’t afford it…
>I’m not comfortable making the decision right now…
>I have to talk it over with my wife/husband/partner/lawyer/accountant/shrink…
>I want to check out the competition…
>I’m happy with my current service provider…
>I can save money by doing it myself…
>It’s too expensive…
>I’d like to get someone with more experience…


No matter how (seemingly) sensible, murderously brutal or beyond silly the objections… there you are again, pummeled by the “yeah buts”… just a melted blob on the floor, curled up in the fetal position.

Or maybe you try one of those ‘canned responses’… “don’t think of it as an expense, think of it as an investment!”. Uh-huh. No matter how true that may be, it’s such an unsophisticated, overused ‘comeback’, that it seldom sways your prospect. In fact, they’ve heard that one so many times before, it just makes you look more like everybody else… nobody special… certainly not one who gets the sale.


You can easily learn to be a verbal Houdini… use your words to quickly and effortlessly bend, twist and steer your way out of the most locked down, boxed in objections… — *Click!* — just like that!

And Get The Sale!!

Now is the time to learn a specific set of skills that will give you such astonishing, adept control… that when you come up against objections – in sales or in personal relationships — you’ll have the ability and finesse to easily turn their resistance to your advantage and verbally contort, twist, tango, tap dance, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”… and melt away their objections!

Having lost the sale to objections before, I’m sure you can see the value that this skill — and the unshakeable confidence that it naturally gives — would bring to your life.

You may have read books and articles on how to handle objections. Typically they list off some canned responses or vague strategies like “counter objections with more benefits”. And sometimes even comebacks that may offend or insult the other person. Yep, your competition has read them too.

If you can figure out how to use them, occasionally they work. Often they don’t. And sometimes they backfire!

You see, generally they tell you to meet the objection “head on”. Let me ask you… how does it feel to hit a solid wall head on? Not so good, right…?

I see it in a radically different light. I’ve researched, field tested and mapped out “24 doorways into the mind”. If one door has been slammed shut — No Problem! I’ll find another one, wide open with a welcome mat… and you can easily learn how to do that too.

What that means is, although the sales books out there are telling you to meet an objection head on (and smash into a closed door)… what I will teach you to do is forget about the door your prospect has slammed shut (and has a pit bull guarding!) — and step right through another open door… around, over, above or below.

And the best part? You’ll easily learn how to get the prospect to actually tell you the best door to use!

Sound a bit esoteric and out there?

Let me give you an example…

Back in 1984 Ronald Reagan was running for a second term as U.S. President, against Walter Mondale. Things weren’t going so well for Reagan in the popularity poles. Mondale and the press were making a big issue of his (advanced) age.

You may remember this. Analysts to this day credit these TWO SENTENCES during the second debate, with winning the election for Reagan. When disparagingly asked about his age, Reagan replied:”I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience”.

* Instant Mental Whiplash *

Mondale was certain he had Reagan boxed into a corner by making age a solid objection to him being fit and “with it” enough for another four years as President. Reagan could certainly not deny he was old at 73 years… in other words, he couldn’t nail the objection “head on”.

Instead, with congenial spirit and without missing a beat, Reagan twisted it and turned his age into an advantage AND Mondale’s younger age into a disadvantage. Wham! Mondale was left stuttering and speechless… completely impotent.

That’s a demonstration of combining just two of the powerful and proven 24 techniques you’ll learn to instantly eliminate objections.

Twenty four different ways to handle any — and every — objection. Wouldn’t you like to have that finesse and power? Just one, or two sentences takes you from “I’ll think it over…” to “How can I get started?”.

“WOW! Kenrick this is powerful stuff. It is truly magical! My closing rate has risen from 23.9% to 51% and my profit per deal has also risen from $2,490 to over $4,000 a 300% increase in my pay, and all in 90 days.”
James Lyon
“I just finished a telephone consultation that left me amazed at the power of your method. It is amazing that these ideas are never taught. They are the difference between hitting quota and “blowing past it” by 50%. (That’s what they’ve done for me.)”
Jeff Sattler Shell Oil Co.
“As a recruiter, I have to cold call people and make my case quickly. Your products have increased my success rate by 1000%.”
James Seetoo
“I had used the principles in Kenrick’s Persuasion for my sales staff. The added dimension of unconscious selling caused my sales to skyrocket.”
Jim Van Wyck Edmonton, Alberta

objection Ninja

You know the most common objections you often get. Stop and think about those for a moment… Now imagine being able to choose from 24 specific responses that allow you to promptly destroy them. Not just once… with just one prospect, but always… with everyone.

IMPORTANT: These responses aren’t canned answers. These are 24 mental and verbal strategies for twisting their objection back so completely, they won’t quite know what hit them and they’ll completely understand that you have their best interests at heart!

Just as a balloon artist twists and bends a straight balloon into a giraffe… and grabs a child’s interest and turns it into an astonished smile, you’ll take any objection — and twist and bend it into mental whiplash — leaving your prospect with the motivation to buy, immediately.

You’ll have the power and confidence to frame your persuasion message to eliminate the worst objections before they ever come up… and to change people’s beliefs with as little as a couple of sentences.

In fact, my coaching clients tell me that with these high-level techniques, they even look forward to objections – because they have so much fun with them!

You will confidently:

>>Have dozens of answers available (and you’ll always choose the best one)… to >>irresistibly and naturally lead them to “Yes, I’ll take it!”.
>>Use covert messages in your presentation to blitz arguments into dust.
>>Instantly know how to remove objections — before they’re even raised…
>>Make your prospects mind pliable and eliminate any resistance and roadblocks they put up. You can slip right by!
>>Learn and Use 24 Doorways into your prospects mind and automatically find the wide open one, with the welcome mat all laid out…
>>End miscommunication almost instantly by discovering what they ultimately want to see, hear or do (with their criteria, you can’t go wrong!)…

Why Should I Trust You

Fair question.

If you’ve taken any training from me in the past, you’re not asking that question, because you’ve already experienced how much value you’ve gotten and large increases in your income from my work.

However, if you haven’t attended any of my seminars, listened to any of my programs or enrolled in my coaching groups then you naturally want to know if you can trust me and trust the quality of this material. After all there’s a lot of hype and fluff out there that can seriously waste your time AND your money. I understand.

For close to 3 decades I have dedicated myself to perfecting the techniques, the skill and the “art” of influence. You might say I’m obsessed with it. I started in sales. And with a burning desire to be the very best at it, my quest led me to the field of Persuasion. I dug deep into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis. And went on to create a model of persuasion that is so effective, it remains the benchmark of excellence in this field.

My track record of success began early when I set the world’s record in health spa membership sales. I went on to become the youngest regional manager of the nation’s largest health spa chain. And at each higher level, I set new records and achieved new levels of success.

Over the years as a sales trainer, I’ve forged my skills in the toughest of situations. I’ve earned tens of thousands of dollars for one day’s consulting; Directed the training of an entire bank in persuasion tactics from the lowest teller to executives and the CEO – increasing their cross sales ratio by more than a third and their net deposits by $1 billion (They called me their private “Albert Einstein of Persuasion”).

My client list is a who’s who of top corporations, people making seven figures in commissions annually, online and offline marketing gurus, as well people spanning every profession imaginable from financial advisors to real estate investors, from insurance agents to corporate headhunters. Only the most privileged professionals have my personal phone number… and they call me whenever they need to ramp up their game and get their mojo humming.

I’m called a master of persuasion because I teach persuasion skills more quickly, effectively, and simply than anyone alive.

The New Magical objection Mastery Training Series

To say that this product will give you an edge over your competition is a huge understatement.

Rather, your competition will be like Wyle E. Coyote who goes sailing off the edge of a cliff, spiraling 25,000 feet down to the ground and SPLAT…! while the clever rabbit (you), chuckles and sits back enjoying your carrot (closed sale).

If you’re just starting out with me, I’ll make you an objection destroyer in the next few months – regardless of what level you’re at now.

What if you already have my other courses Maximum Persuasion and the first Magical objection Mastery? There’s still plenty of new info here for you too…

I’ve had tons of feedback on how hot Magical objection Mastery is. I know objections are the biggest challenge you have in sales. And I’ve seen first hand where my students got stuck. So I went back to the lab, reduced to the core elements, refined and then rebuilt the program. (step 1).

Then I asked for the most brutal objections that You face. What are the toughest, most feared objections – right from the trenches – that clients hammer you with. (step 2).

Out of the thousands of responses I got, they boiled down to 6. So I taught these latest skills to my advanced coaching groups. (step 3).

And my coaching clients are blazing out of the gate!

I’m sharing this newly minted and expanded information because it has proven to be extremely effective. This program will begin with nuking those brutal objections, those most received objections – the core objections that most persuaders have a tough time with.

You see clients are used to having their objections act like Kryptonite. They can just throw them out and the salesperson is instantly repelled, left a quivering blob on the floor – game over.

Naturally whenever you’re trying to sell, whenever you’re trying to persuade, you often meet with resistance.

Let me ask you…

Would you rather try to chip away at their rock of resistance with a plastic picnic spoon, or would you prefer to completely, easily, and quickly smash it to pieces with a single swing of a two ton wrecking ball?

Ignite Your Sales

Learning these skills gives you a power of language that only happens when you understand at an automatic level this kind of thinking. You just know you can twist words to Your Advantage.

You’ll be graceful under pressure.

It gives you the absolute power to wipe objections out of their mind.

You’ll learn how to deal with the toughest objections you’ve ever slammed into. You’ll be astounded at how powerfully you’ll persuade once you learn these skills.

That’s a big promise. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s too good to be true.

I don’t blame you one bit. Consider however, I learned and furthered these techniques out of my own frustration of not being able to handle these common objections, 30 years ago.

I’ve been continuously researching, refining and perfecting The New Magical objection Mastery ever since – for 30 years. And now you can get these state-of-the-art abilities in my new program.

These skills show you how to install information in your prospect to create surprise and totally open them to what you’re persuading them about. In fact, these magnetic techniques allow you to get right into the mind of your prospect… so deep and so clear that you can sense objections and answer them – before they even come out!

It’s a fact that most everything you want in life comes from persuading, answering objections, and your ability to motivate.

The more you think about easily handling any objection, the more you can imagine the amazing possibilities that will suddenly be available in your selling career – and your personal life – by mastering these skills.

With these skills, you can achieve everything (and more) that you can imagine. This is the absolute answer to making your results predictable. You already know that canned pitches don’t work with every client. And they certainly don’t set you apart from everyone else.

In fact, you’ll be astounded at how powerfully you’ll persuade, once you learn these strategies and skills. When you have this course under your belt you’ll see and hear for yourself that you’re no longer limited by the objections your clients bring up.

Life is one big “YES” after another, and You Control it

So… Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to move powerfully towards the good things in life you desire?

>The business you always dream of?
>The perfect clientele you want to work with?
>The three or four day work week?
>The wealth you want and need to fulfill your dreams?
>And the love, attention and respect you deserve?

What you will learn in this series is a powerful, new and proven system that you can leverage to make sale after sale after sale… at will. And you can even use these techniques on yourself… to get past your own excuses and ignite your own fire in the way you’ve fallen short of doing.

Delight in the fact that you’ll own the exact words and how to say them to lock in a sale before you get ready to close.

“The most powerful sales course I have ever taken. Not only will your selling skills multiply and your sales skyrocket, your life will be forever altered in the best possible way: a life of confidence, rapport and fulfillment.”
John Ocwieja Financial Advisor, Chicago, IL
“This seminar blew past any other rapport training I had taken either live or on tape. The exercises changed us from book smart to street smart persuaders, influencing people throughout the weekend, as we used the skills amazingly well on the public.”
Anthony L. Schuman Investment Advisor, Dallas, TX

Here’s The Deal…

I would like to invite you to learn how to instantly eliminate objections – those words that keep you from getting paid… keep you from having satisfying relationships… and even keep you from doing what you know deep down you need to do to have the life and success you want. You will come away with the “formula” for every objection that you will ever get… and the “antidote”!

In fact, I’ll even teach you how to eliminate them – Before They Come Up – so you can have more sales, more easily and realize even your wildest financial goals.

Listen and learn as the objections that you run into every day simply disappear with The New Magical objection Mastery.

In these sessions there are absolutely no theories, no fluff – just meat…

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