Joe Navarro – Online Advanced Speed Reading People Course Free Download –
Joe Navarro – Online Advanced Speed Reading People Course
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Joe Navarro – Online Advanced Speed Reading People Course

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Joe Navarro – Online Advanced Speed Reading People Course


This course in nonverbal communications has been developed by the world-leading expert himself and is based on his 25-years in the FBI and his books, What Every BODY is Saying and Louder Than Words.

The course allows you to self-study at home, at your own pace, under Joe’s guidance and using Joe’s proprietary materials and techniques which he has used with the FBI.  Your work will be personally evaluated by Joe and upon successful completion of the course students will receive a certificate of completion.

This course costs just $2,899 to complete and will ensure you are fully-equipped to observe, decode and utilize nonverbals in your personal and professional life, taking your career from average to exceptional.


There are ten separate sections to the course. You will be required to take each program in turn, passing that before moving on to the next program. The course takes the average student 8-12 months to complete.

​O Program 1:
The Essence of Nonverbal Communication

​O Program 2:
The Brain’s Role in Nonverbal Communication

​O Program 3:
What Your Feet, Legs, and Posture Say About You

​O Program 4:
The Torso, Hips, Chest, and Shoulders

​O Program 5:
Understanding the Arms, Hands, and, Fingers

​O Program 6:
Nonverbals of the Face

​O Program 7:
The Truth About Lying

​O Program 8:
Business Nonverbals

​O Program 9:
The Nonverbals of Dating and Courtship

​O Program 10:
Becoming a Lifetime Observer

✓    Why actions really do speak louder than words
✓    Which non-verbals are truly reliable and what do they really say
✓    How to make observation a part of your daily life
✓    How to identify a person’s true feelings, thoughts, and intentions
✓    Which are the most powerful behaviors for leaders
✓    Which behaviors say you are trustworthy and confident
✓    How to interpret behaviors which lead to the truth
✓    How to create empathetic channels of communication
✓    How to get the reluctant to cooperate with you
✓    How to best assess those around you to maximize your influence

All the Files that are there is how the program comes as a package,

How this course  will work    This course is divided into ten sections or programs.

   You will start with the Speed Reading People® Program One and build from there.

   You will not receive the next Program, until each one is completed satisfactorily.

   When you receive each Program, read it thoroughly, then proceed to the book, What Every Body is Saying and read each associated section of the book. While reading, start thinking about where you have observed these behaviors and in what context. 

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