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Hero Journey – Twitter Cash Flow
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Hero Journey – Twitter Cash Flow

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Hero Journey – Twitter Cash Flow

You don’t want to be working a 9-5 forever.
Social media allows you to have attention over your offers and an audience eager to buy from you.
The truth is…
You can turn your Twitter account into an automated money-making machine, systems and automation are the business GOLD mine of our era.
Have you ever imagined waking up, checking your phone first thing in the morning, and seeing that you’ve just made $100+ in sales while you sleep…
It seems amazing right?
When I first started my Twitter business I didn’t expect to make a dime in the first 2-3 months…
Surprisingly after only 4 months on Gumroad, I made more than $10,000!
I’ve built a 5-figures business in less than 120 days!
I’m making around $500+ every week…
I don’t think I’m special and those numbers are not too impressive, but it’s still is a good chunk of money and it pays the bills…
The truth is that I keep on seeing accounts that have started WAY before me and are still stuck with little to no following growth, and with no sales at all!
I’ve been using Twitter for 6 Years now, and that has given me a huge advantage when it comes to growing a following base, I UNDERSTAND the platform.
I believe I’ve cracked the code to have INSANE GROWTH and make sales…
It all comes down to some very specific components…
▪ Authority & Reputation
▪ Product’s Copy
▪ Selling Techniques
▪ Product Design
▪ Sales Systems
You’ll excel and build your Twitter business with the skillset that you will learn inside.
And let me tell you…
I’ve got a couple of secret strategies that WILL make you sell very, very easily!
Making money on Twitter doesn’t have to be hard…
It does require work and consistency, but look, you’ll be building an asset that will generate Cash Flow FOREVER.
You could be making hundreds a week some months from now if you build the right system.
When you’re done setting up your workflow, you’ll only need to invest 10-15 minutes a day to schedule your tweets…
There are accounts with only 2,000 Followers generating over $2,000 in sales every month on Twitter and I believe you can do it too!!
And see…
his is the most complete bundle for Twitterpreneurs out there…
For this price? This is a no-brainer.
It takes you from 0 to a nearly-fully automated workflow!
You will be able to:
✔ Create your own eBooks
✔ Grow a Twitter audience that’s eager to pay you
✔ Make money out of your own products
✔ Make money without even owning a product
✔ Automate your sales system so that you can earn while you sleep
✔ Be so persuasive that people will instantly buy from you
Who’s this for?
Anyone with a skill that can be turned into a digital product, and is willing to work to provide value and collect money in return.
Making money online sums up to having a valuable product that suits an engaging audience that WANTS to pay you.
If you’re willing to craft a GOOD product that will solve someone’s problem and if you’re willing to set up all the sales systems while growing your audience, then this product will help you with that, accelerate your process and SAVE you TIME.
Who isn’t this for?
If you’re looking to get a quick buck, you might be lucky, but chances are that you will NOT make money right away if you’re still getting started…
I don’t want to fool or deceive you, the information contained in this Bundle is NOT miraculous…
And if you’re not an action taker, don’t spend your money on this!!!
It will not:
❌ Make you rich overnight
❌ Build your business alone
❌ Grow your Twitter account without work, time and consistency
This will, however, equip you with the necessary tools to start making money on Twitter.
Let’s dive deeper into what you’ll be learning 👇
What You’ll Get From This Bundle
eBook 1 – Money Twitter Game Plan
I’ve grown from 0 to 7,000 Followers in less than 6 months…
Not as impressive as some people out there, I know, but it was all organic!
Those are still some solid numbers.
Only 2% of Twitter accounts are at 1K + followers…
And the best part is that you can monetize your account with less than 100 followers.
I’ve seen people doing that!
In this guide, I’ll teach you how to GAIN FOLLOWERS in a predictable way and MAKE MONEY out of your audience.
If you’re still getting started, you NEED to know what the best approach is to get the ball going. I will give you the EXACT steps you need to take.
You will also become an Affiliate Marketing MASTER, when you start your journey you will have no authority, and so selling other’s products for a commission is the best way to monetize.
eBook 2 – Twitter eBooks Done Right
The digital world is growing fast and everyone is buying online courses. The online industry is expected to be worth 325 billion dollars by 2025.
Knowledge has an insane return on investment.
Even Warren Buffet says it:
“This $100 college course gave me the most important degree I have – and it’s why I’m successful today”
There’s no longer a Rich Class.
There’s a Freedom Class that chooses to create assets online.
I will teach you how to write your own eBook and the best methods to sell them on Twitter.
After reading this you’ll be able to WRITE & SELL eBooks with strategies that WORK.
Selling info products is the most lucrative business in relation to its risks.
No manufacturing costs, no shipping costs, no stock, 100% margins.
eBook 3 – Gumroad Sleep Money
To fully automate our sales machine we’ll need to use an email list with autoresponders optimized to sell to our customers.
I’ll teach you how to build a system using Gumroad that will allow you to make sales while you sleep.
You’ll learn how to collect emails and make MONEY out of them in an AUTOMATED way.
You can literally set this up one time and this will sell for you while you sleep or play on the beach with your family.
“Work Smarter, not harder”

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