Graham Stephen – The Real Estate Agent Academy
Graham Stephen – The Real Estate Agent Academy
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Graham Stephen – The Real Estate Agent Academy

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Graham Stephen – The Real Estate Agent Academy

Learn how to become a successful Real Estate Agent with a six-figure income, even if you’reing with zero connections or experience. Step by step.

In less than 10 years, I’ve gone from an 18-year old kid – fresh out of high school – with ZERO college degree – ZERO connections – and ZERO real estate experience – and became a millionaire by the age of 26, with over $120,000,000 in sales as a Real Estate Agent by the age of 27.

In this course, I’ll detail how I’ve done this STEP BY STEP, and how you can begin to replicate what’s worked well for me – whether you’re a brand new agent or a current real estate agent looking to expand your career, this will outline everything that I’ve spent years learning, and what’s led to over $22,000,000 in sales in 2017 alone – while still having the freedom to travel, take time off, and live life to the fullest.

You’ll learn:

1. Why the #1 Happiest Job in America is working as a Real Estate Agent (Forbes)

2. How to find and interview the best brokerage to work with

3. How you can find a mentor to help boost your success

4. How to get seller leads – even without any experience or contacts

5. How to get buyers leads – even if you’re brand new to the business

6. How I make $100,000 per year posting ads on Craigslist

7. Going over the ideal listing presentation

8. Common seller and buyer objections you’ll need to overcome – and what to say

9. How to build your business just by doing open houses

10. Nearly 100 other topics…

Real Estate has been the funnest career I’ve ever experienced, I’ve met the most amazing people from it, and it’s allowed me to be my own boss, make my own hours, work with the clients I want to work with, and the freedom to run the business how I felt best. By doing so, I’ve also made a considerable amount of money in the process, while also catering to everything my clients want – because customer service is absolutely crucial.
If you’re interested in considering a career in real estate, or currently work as a Real Estate Agent and want to expand what you’re already doing, I believe this will be a great place to and I’m laying it all out for you to see what’s worked best for me and how I’ve built my entire business from the ground up.

Thanks so much!

Course Curriculum

PreviewIntroduction to the course (4:38)
PreviewAbout me (19:06)
Disclaimer – use this course to develop your own style (2:00)
Why am I giving out this information? What happens when everyone knows about it? (2:12)
Step 1: Why Real Estate and who can become a Real Estate Agent?
PreviewWhy choose Real Estate Sales? (5:28)
Why you SHOULDN’T choose Real Estate Sales? (6:41)
What does a Real Estate Agent do all day? (5:05)
Who can be a Real Estate Agent? (5:27)
The Risks of being a Real Estate Agent (4:47)
Should you move to a different market to sell real estate? (2:15)
Why mindset is EXTREMELY important (5:44)
Step 2: Getting you Real Estate License
Requirements to get your real estate license (2:03)
PreviewShould you take your license online or in person? (1:47)
Does it matter which real estate school you go to? (1:57)
Studying for the real estate exam and passing (3:14)
Can you sell real estate part time? (6:24)
Do you need a college degree to be successful? (2:44)
The advantages of being a young real estate agent with no experience (3:42)
This is why some people discourage you to sell Real Estate (4:43)
Step 3: How to join a real estate brokerage
A note about finding a mentor (4:17)
Why is a real estate brokerage important? (1:38)
Differences between an real estate agent and a broker (1:02)
PreviewHow to find a real estate brokerage to work for (3:05)
How to interview a real estate brokerage (7:13)
The costs of joining a real estate brokerage (3:17)
What’s a good commission split? (3:06)
Step 4: How to your career
Should you work as an assistant? And how can you get that job? (2:52)
Should you work solo or in a team? (5:06)
How to prepare for your career (1:49)
What you will need to begin your career (5:53)
Does the type of car you drive matter? (3:01)
How should you dress? (2:52)
How to break into the luxury market (2:25)
Why more expensive homes are often easier to sell (6:27)
Budgeting for your career (1:54)
Step 5: Getting leads and business
Introduction to getting business and leads (2:51)
Should you work with buyers or sellers? (1:07)
What to do the first 3 months to jumpstart your career (4:48)
Watch this if you ever think you have nothing to do (keep watching this video every week) (3:16)
What-to-do when firsting (checklist) (2:33)
How to get leads in Real Estate (9:33)
How to sit an open house (4:14)
Preparing for an open house (3:14)
The ultimate open house guide (9:16)
What to say during an open house (8:34)
Cold Calling 101 (2:37)
Door Knocking 101 (5:02)
Floor Calls 101 (2:59)
Prospecting your farm area 101 (3:47)
Getting Expired Listings (6:56)
Why follow up is ESSENTIAL (2:29)
Everything about advertising on Craigslist – Part 1 (11:36)
Everything about advertising on Craigslist = Part 2 (10:27)
PreviewHow to comp a property to find its value (16:16)
A note about Mailers (0:53)
Why you need to follow up (1:54)
Buying Zillow Leads (3:48)
Picking up business Open House Signs – and Open House Theft (3:58)
PreviewA unique way of getting leads: How to target homes under construction (3:06)
Part 6: Working with sellers
Introduction to listings (2:51)
Beginning the listing appointment (6:40)
The best way to price a listing (7:47)
Seller upgrades prior to listing (3:30)
Seller marketing (6:33)
The Top 7 Seller Objections (9:48)
Launching a listing (11:29)
The best ways to show your listing (8:06)
How to field offers to get the highest price (4:15)
Negotiation Techniques I use (6:00)
What to do if you don’t get any activity or offers (5:52)
The pitfalls of a Daul Agency (representing both buyer and seller) (2:10)
How to handle inspections (5:08)
Pocket Listings 101 (3:07)
What about Zestimates and automated values? (1:14)
Part 7: Working with Buyers
Working with Buyers 101 (7:21)
Picking which homes to show and scheduling appointments (3:16)
My buyer negotiation strategies – part 1 (11:06)
My buyer negotiation strategies – part 2 (5:51)
How I negotiate and win multiple counter offers for your buyer (6:00)
Escrow, Contingencies, and Title 101 (8:16)
Navigating the buyer’s loan process (7:39)
Buyer’s objections and red flags – part 1 (7:56)
Buyer’s objections and red flags – part 2 (5:58)
PreviewSpotting a “fake” buyer (5:54)
Part 8: Working with lease clients
Why work with tenants and leases (2:51)
How to get lease clients (2:08)
How much commission to take? Who should you work with? (3:43)
Why follow up is essential – especially with leases (1:21)
PreviewWhat to do when your clients run late (5:13)
Lease negotiation strategies when representing a tenant (7:18)
Lease negotiation strategies when representing a landlord (6:43)
Part 9: Tax Planning and final thoughts
A note about tax planning (3:05)
What about taking a vacation? (2:09)
PreviewThe future of the real estate agent? (2:16)
Why you need to save! (1:45)
Final thoughts (3:25)
Thank you for watching! (1:28)

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