Alex Fedotoff – Pinterest Ads Blueprint 2020 Free Download –
Alex Fedotoff – Pinterest Ads Blueprint 2020
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Alex Fedotoff – Pinterest Ads Blueprint 2020

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Alex Fedotoff – Pinterest Ads Blueprint 2020

Sell Your Products CONSISTENTLY with Pinterest Ads (for ANY eCom Business) in 2020
Learn how Alex Fedotoff utilizes Pinterest Ads to get over 3.0 ROAS CONSISTENTLY, while spending over $5,000/day
(NO 100s of pages of useless theory, just real, actionable, to the point content and REAL results)

Be the FIRST to Get to a Highly Profitable Unsaturated Market

4 COMPLETE MODULES of step-by-step VIDEO instructions from ad account spending $1000-$5000/day on Pinterest Ads specifically
The BULLETPROOF method of how to BEGIN with Pinterest Ads from $0

DETAILED Cheatsheets for EACH Lesson…Take -> Use -> Implement for your own Store!
FULL Case Study of HOW TO MAKE $300k/month from 0 with JUST ONE product on Pinterest

A Premium CLOSED Facebook Group where you could ask ANY Pinterest ads-related questions and have my team’s help 24/7!
Monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions, identify issues, and see what is working for other people

” Thanks for the course man! Got to 3k a day just from following exactly what you said.”
– Harel L.

In the last 2 months we have spent $230,000 on Pinterest ads inside of our own ad account. Looking back, we’ve made so many mistakes. We have tested things we shouldn’t have, we have waited for too long for campaigns to “optimize”, we have tried to scale unscalable campaigns, we have used keywords and interest groups we shound’t have used…

The good thing about it? You don’t have to do all Pinterest ads mistakes because I’ve done them!

And you can learn the best strategies for testing, optimizing, and scaling your Pinterest ads all from the comfort of your home.

How much it will cost you?

My clients pay me $20,000+ per month to strategize and scale their Facebook and Pinterest ads campaigns.

My consulting clients pay $30,000+ per year to get access to my best performing frameworks and strategies.

IF you wanted to order 1 hour consulting call with me it would be $3,295 and you would have to wait for 2 weeks for your spot.

Now with the Pinterest Ads Blueprint you don’t have to pay $30,000, you don’t have to pay $20,000, you don’t have even to pay $1,000.

Why I do this?
I have a very selfish agenda: I know you will LOVE these strategies and once you will apply them you will get AMAZING results. Once you
have amazing results and make a lot of $$$, you will want to buy my other services and consulting to get it to the next level.

This is the FIRST COMPLETE Pinterest course and I KNOW it’s great!
24 video lessons (over 6 hours of in-depth training) with ads-making, testing, and optimizing strategies shown on REAL ACCOUNTS!
A Premium CLOSED Facebook Group where you could ask ANY Pinterest ads-related questions and have my team’s help 24/7!
Monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions, identify issues, and see what is working for other people.
Tested by millions of dollars to validate and refine the best Pinterest Ads formulas

Learn which products will work BEST with Pinterest for maximum profitability from day 1

​​Multiple Rapid testing frameworks to suit any budget designed for profitability

​​How I achieve 3-4 X ROAS on COLD traffic spending $100,000+ per month using ONLY Pinterest Ads

Copy my Pinterest scaling strategies that allowed us to spend $230,000 in JUST 2 months!

Print and use as your step-by-step guide in months to come!

Learn how to create your own unique hyper-profitable Pinterest frameworks for your own accounts

Apply these frameworks for info-products and eCom/dropship businesses

Copy and paste my retargeting framework for 10X ROI

Real Case Studies & Demonstration (no fluff or 10s of pages of theory)

​PLUS: a special discount on ESS program if bought together with the Blueprint – the perfect compliment!

This workshop is 6+ hours of insider Pinterest knowledge and actionable advice on building a profitable Pinterest ads MACHINE.
It’s only for people ready for a fast growth and profitability.

It’s NOT for those looking for magic solution. They don’t exist!

Like with everything, even if you have the best formula and strategies, you still need to test and find your unique approach.

It’s ONLY for advertisers already spending money on ads and want to expand their business to a yet UNSATURATED platform!

I will show you inside of ad accounts spending this much with exact formulas and explanation.

I’m using the same formulas to spend millions of $$$ in eCom plus helping my clients spend millions of dollars per month with unbeatable ROI.

But this training will cover much more than just Pinterest Ads. It will cover my account structure, testing strategy, retargeting hacks, value optimization techniques and KPI’s we use to achieve profitability for the offers we run.

You might have seen theory packed ebooks and courses about ads, marketing or whatever. This training is the ONLY COMPLETE UP-TO-

Use to scale hard in 2020! Here’s just the part of what’s included:

Welcome to the Course
Pinterest Ads WOP
How Quickly You Will get Traction/Results
Spying Mode


Major Rules
Pinterest Reps Evolution
How to Set Up the Ultimate Pinterest Ads Dashboard
​Pinterest Budgets and Bids Strategies


The Ultimate Pinterest Targeting Strategies
The Pinterest Platform Algorithm
The Perfect Campaign Structure
​Pinterest Ads Testing Process SOP


Pinterest Daily Workflow SOP
Pinterest Ads Optimization
How to Deal with Rejected Ads
​ Pinterest Ads Scaling SOP
​FULL CASE STUDY – $0 to $300k/Month with 1 (ONE!) Product

The information for this training has been gathered from months worth of experiments with Pinterest in our own ad accounts and
clients’ ad accounts. Some sensitive details are revealed that you can’t get anywhere else and it’s our intellectual property.

For reasons above, there will BE NO REFUNDS granted for buyers of this training.

Once you have acquired the knowledge and strategies they can’t be returned.

Please DON’T purchase this training if you don’t agree with this policy.

Will this work for low budgets?
Yes, we have specific strategies for low budgets on Pinterest. Testing, optimizing, and scaling as long as you can spend $100 per day on ads with Pinterest are covered.

Will this work for high budgets?
It definitely will. We spend up to $7,000 a day on Pinterest ads PER account (exact account is shown in the training).

Do I need to be advanced marketer to benefit from it?
You don’t need high-level advanced knowledge to take full advantage of this training. Basically if you’ve setup ad campaign before on other platforms and spent over $1000 on ads you will be able to take a full advantage of it.

Will this work for any niche/ industry?
Most of our accounts are eCom/Dropshippping related and this is the industry the with benefit HEAVILY from Pinterest ads.

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